Seamless visitor entry.
Lasting visitor engagement.

We have been building custom applications to extend Gateway Ticketing's Galaxy Point of Sale suite of products for over a decade. From our member eCard App to our digital signage and eCommerce solutions, we’ve built integrated services that are tailored for attractions, museums, and cultural institutions. We are excited to share those capabilities with you through our flexible and secure PassEdge™ ecosystem of services. Now, you and your guests can benefit from our years of experience at a fraction of the cost.

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Version required iOS 16.1 or later, Android 8 or later


More than just gate scanning.

The PassEdge™ App is more than just a convenient and secure way for members and visitors to gain access. PassEdge™ offers an easy communication channel with In-App messages that can be sent to all app users or filtered to specific groups or individuals. Convenient Ticket sharing allows visitors to share tickets with friends and family and allows you to extend your contacts. Mini-Apps allow you to extend the app even further with scavenger hunts, audio tours, and engagement rewards. PassEdge™ supports multiple languages and the content can be updated at any time.

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Our Technology, Your App

The PassEdge™ App is a fully customizable entry and engagement app for iOS and Android. Using our secure content management system, you can customize this native app to match your company brand standards by replacing the logo and colors. We work with you to integrate with your existing Galaxy configuration and communication tools and then release the app on your behalf to the iOS and Android stores.

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Core Features

PassEdge™ offers a lot right out of the box. The application includes everything you need to get started for Member/Pass holders as well as Non-Member/Pass visitors.

Extended Features


Non-location based maps for easy reference.

Ticket and Benefit Sharing

Members and Visitors can share tickets with friends and family. Integrated Analytics allow you to identify your most prolific influencers and see how people are using their benefits.

Food Services Menu

Help guests plan their day with a dynamic menu of the Food Service options and pricing, right inside the app.


Scavenger Hunts

Location based Scavenger Hunts with customizable activities, hints and quizes.

Engagement Rewards

Encourage frequent engagement with Engagement Rewards. Visitors can earn badges as they interact with your app. Integrated Analytics allow you to see which activities are popular.


The PassEdge™ App offers support for almost any Right-to-Left language, and users can easily pick the language that works best for them. Initial translation fees apply.

Features your visitors
will love

Modern and extensible

Engage with your visitors on-premise and off. Our location-based scavenger hunts notify users when they are near a point of interest and can be used for everything from audio tours to treasure hunts. Engagement rewards provide an incentive for your visitors to come back again and again. Easily refresh content in the app and keep visitors interested by offering new experiences. Visitors can pick their preferred language*, view transaction history, and easily upgrade or renew their membership.

*translation fees apply


Exceptional Mobile App

Gone are the days of remembering your membership card and tickets. Members simply open their app, scan their card, access content and tickets, and read personalized in-app messages.

Ashley Alexander, Director of Membership DMNS

I never have to worry about losing my member card again!

It's wonderful having my member card right on my phone. I never have to worry about leaving it at home or having it be out of date!
Eric Boen, Director of Technology DMNS

It deserves more than 5 stars!

User's love the app and digital cards translate to lower printing costs. We saved almost 20% compared to previous years!

Molly Engleking, - Manager of Data Analytics and Strategy

Our guests LOVE it!

Our members rave about the ease of having their membership card and their tickets in one, easy location. Plus, the scavenger hunts allow our guests to connect to us in a brand new way!

Elizabeth Clifford, Manager of Guest Services DMNS

Platform Capabilities

  • Member/Pass Capability
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Digital Member Card
  • In-App Notifications
  • Member/Pass Profile Management
  • Custom content Pages
  • In-App Tickets (barcodes for any ticket purchased using Galaxy)
  • Non-Member/Pass Capability
  • Non-location based maps
  • Beacon based Scavenger Hunts
  • Show Schedules
  • Food Services menu(s)
  • Member/Pass Benefits & Sharing
  • Bilingual Content
  • Engagement Rewards
  • and Much More

Pricing Structure

Pricing is based on many factors and your organization's needs including: Usage volume, data volume and annual attendance (see pricing below). Custom development is available.

Base Features Include:

  • Member/Pass Capability
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Digital Member Card
  • In-App Notifications
  • Member/Pass Profile Management
  • Custom content Pages
  • In-App Tickets
  • Non-Member/Pass Capability
  • Non-location based maps
  • Food Services menu(s)
  • Available Language Packs

(based on Annual Attendance)

Up to
1 million

Setup fee: $2,000



1 million to 2 million

Setup fee: $2,000



2 million to 3 million

Setup fee: $2,000



More than 3 million

Setup fee: $2,000

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+1 (303)370 6445


  • Member/Pass Benefits & Sharing: $1,000 annually 
  • Location Based Content: $1,000 annually 
    (tours, scavenger hunts, etc.)

    (Equipment not included)
  • Engagement Rewards: $1,000 annually 
    (Requires Location Based Content )
  • Extra language pack one-time fee: $1,000


Have questions about our pricing? We have answers.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, PO and Direct Deposit.

Is there a Demo available?

If you would like to request a demonstration, please contact us.

What version of Galaxy is required for PassEdge?

PassEdge requires Galaxy 7.1 or later and eGalaxy xx.

Will PassEdge work if we do not use Galaxy?

PassEdge currently requires Galaxy 7.1 or later. If you are interested in integrations with a different ticketing service, please contact us.

What if I upgrade or cancel features?

You can upgrade at any time, but the setup may require up to 30 days. If you choose to cancel a feature, the feature can be removed within 2 business days. Billing is by complete month increments only and is charged at the first of each month. If a feature is canceled mid-month, no refund will be provided. For complete details, please refer to the services contract.

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